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Weekly Market Commentary – Look Who’s Buying and Selling

At the heart of it, all markets come down to buyers and sellers. U.S. stocks are being purchased by foreigners and corporations while notable selling is coming from individuals and insiders, or top executives, of companies. We believe the forces … Continue reading

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A Trip to Our Nation’s Capitol

I have just gotten back from an LPL Financial Advisor’s Conference in Washington, DC.  It was an exciting three days filled with investment and political discussion, plus the chance to see some of the great historic sites of our fantastic … Continue reading

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Weekly Market Commentary – The “Wall Street” Election Poll

The biggest event for investors over the next six months is likely to be the November elections in the United States. The outcome of the elections will define the political context and leadership for policies that address the looming fiscal … Continue reading

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We Are Not Teaching Smart Money

I enjoy giving my great friend and partner, John Hardy, grief by saying he’s a “monkey with a machine gun” when he gets new technology.  His new iphone is much more artillery than his skill level.  Words like “Safari” or … Continue reading

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It’s All About YOU!!!

Recently I’ve had many comments about the format of our weekly email. Most tend to have a very favorable response, but one comment did stand out to me.  I was asked why we keep making all these changes.  The short … Continue reading

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