My Christmas Wish List

Now that the near riots of Black Friday have come and gone and so has the virtual shopping of Cyber Monday, I thought I might ask for a few things of my own.  All this talk of record retail numbers has put me in the Christmas spirit and made me start a wish list of my own.

For starters: 

  1. Pepper spray so that I can move to the front of the line in after Christmas sales.
  2. Showers and resumes for the Occupy Wall Street crowd.
  3. Forty hour work weeks and perhaps a little less vacation for Greece and Spain.
  4. Term limits for Congress…OK….a guy can dream.
  5. A Congress more interested in our country’s well-being than their partisan bickering.
  6. A new President with the ability to lead and inspire with perhaps more on his resume than “community activist.”
  7. A Europe Union re-Federated without the deadwood of Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece

I don’t want to be greedy so I’ll stop here.  May you all have a safe and prosperous holiday season.  We will do our part to make as many of these wishes come true and share the benefits that will follow.

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