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Behind the Curtain

If you are an HMC Partners client, you know that recent market volatility has dictated that we make drastic changes to your portfolio. We have witnessed a market that has been headline driven by news items like the debt ceiling mess, slow job … Continue reading

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HMC Partners Dives Into The Social Network

If you are here reading this, you have most likely already heard about our recent social media launch.  But, with words like “Social Media”, “Tweet”, “Like Us”, and “Follow Us”… do you find yourself asking what does this all mean?  … Continue reading

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Navigational Markers

If you have had the great pleasure and opportunity to travel the Intracoastal Waterway you can see some very interesting things including wildlife, vast areas of wilderness, beautiful homes and more.   For the passenger this is all good, but the … Continue reading

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It’s Jobs…Stupid

Former President Bill Clinton has Democratic strategist James Carville to thank for his successful 1992 Presidential victory by coining the phrase, “It’s the economy…stupid.” Carville had the Clinton election team focus their campaign on the 1991 recession and the weakening … Continue reading

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Recession of Leadership

Welcome to our first installment of HMC Partners Blog.   Our goal is to give you immediate access to our thoughts and give us a forum to express our views on all things financial.  We will make weekly entries and even … Continue reading

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