Jackson goes to The Grand…

The Grand was another terrific experience for me and Jackson. To travel to Iowa see our great country be surrounded by some of the best trainers and working dogs in the USA is the Super Bowl experience for a duck hunter from North Carolinas who loves dogs.  Jackson and I progressed ever so slightly.  I have come to learn that in dog training and field trial events success is often measured in one and two steps instead of great leaps.  I have been advised that a trainer and his dog really need 4-5 of these events under their experience belt and proper dogs age in order to achieve the Grand Title.  For me that will fall of 2009 to year 2010.  Jackson and I are still having fun and looking forward to a great duck season.  He has already had a great wood duck retrieve that showed me we are learning and both of us getting better.  We are in hunting season now and come January will focus on South Dakota in May.

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