Weekly Market Commentary – Look Who’s Buying and Selling

  • At the heart of it, all markets come down to buyers and sellers.
  • U.S. stocks are being purchased by foreigners and corporations while notable selling is coming from individuals and insiders, or top executives, of companies.
  • We believe the forces of selling will win out over the buying power in the coming months.

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A Trip to Our Nation’s Capitol

I have just gotten back from an LPL Financial Advisor’s Conference in Washington, DC.  It was an exciting three days filled with investment and political discussion, plus the chance to see some of the great historic sites of our fantastic capitol. Continue reading

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Weekly Market Commentary – The “Wall Street” Election Poll

The biggest event for investors over the next six months is likely to be the November elections in the United States. The outcome of the elections will define the political context and leadership for policies that address the looming fiscal imbalances coming to a head in early 2013. We have explored this budget bombshell in prior commentaries and what it could mean for the markets and economy. This week we will take a look at what the market is pricing in regarding the election outcome. Continue reading

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We Are Not Teaching Smart Money

I enjoy giving my great friend and partner, John Hardy, grief by saying he’s a “monkey with a machine gun” when he gets new technology.  His new iphone is much more artillery than his skill level.  Words like “Safari” or “Apps” are beyond his current capabilities.  Unfortunately, the Millenials (young adults 18-29) are those same monkeys when it comes to being equipped to handle their money and their finances. Continue reading

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It’s All About YOU!!!

Recently I’ve had many comments about the format of our weekly email. Most tend to have a very favorable response, but one comment did stand out to me.  I was asked why we keep making all these changes.  The short answer is for YOU!    Now, that may not make sense, but it really is true.  We are trying hard to stay on top of technology and find the best ways to provide information to clients and friends in the formats that work best for you.  I know sometimes technology can be overwhelming so I wanted to do a short recap of what is available for you. Continue reading

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All Aboard…

This Saturday, I have the honor of being the best man in my youngest child, and only son, William’s wedding.  William, age 26, is marrying a beautiful young lady, Shannon McGuire.  Christy and I could not be happier.  Our family is very excited for this joyful event as we have had to deal with the sadness of the loss of my father-in-law, Less Russ, who passed away in mid-March.   As I sit here in reflect on these recent and upcoming events, one thing that I realize is that life’s train can move pretty fast.     Continue reading

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Weekly Market Commentary – A Taxing Issue for Investors

  • Perhaps surprisingly, it appears that the tax rate changes have played little or no direct role in stock or bond market performance.
  • The most likely reason is that the effects on after-tax returns were deemed negligible relative to the macroeconomic and geopolitical drivers.
  • The far bigger impact is an indirect one determined by the magnitude and direction of overall fiscal policy taken (or not taken) in 2013 to put the United States back on a path to financial stability. Continue reading
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The Italian Experience

Buon Giorno from Greensboro, North Carolina.  My daughter, a Junior at UNC, has had the fortune to study abroad this semester in Florence, Italy.  When you and I were going to school, studying abroad meant something totally differently (key words….a broad) than it does today.  Somewhere along the way, our college children have been granted the right to go to such thriving economic bastions like Florence, Barcelona, Rome, and Nice, and are loaded down with rigorous classes like Italian Cooking, Renaissance Italian Art, and Photography.  Sul Serio?   Yes…Really!  But I am not here to write about the entitlements afforded that generation.  I’ll save that for another day. Continue reading

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Weekly Market Commentary – What Investors Should Watch this Earnings Season

  • While macroeconomic data and events are likely to remain key drivers of the market this week, microeconomics will also garner investors’ attention as companies begin to release first quarter earnings reports.
  • In each of the past two years, as the last week of April unfolded, the S&P 500 Index peaked and began to decline 16-19% as the back half of the earnings season got underway. We will be watching developments closely to determine if a repeat of that pattern will emerge again this year.
  • During this earnings season, we are paying special attention to the breadth of earnings growth, earnings guidance on upcoming quarters, and profit margins. Continue reading
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The Greatest Gift

Something none of us like to think about it is getting sick and not being able to make our own decisions or even dying.  We all know it’s a part of life, but it’s still not something you want to think or talk about.  But, I’m going to ask you to do just that – think about your wishes and communicate them to your loved ones before it’s too late.

Many of us came from a family where the father was the individual who handled the majority, if not all, of the financials.  Continue reading

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